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Marco Ferreri – Liza AKA La Cagna [+Extra] (1972)


This dark offbeat comedy from Marco Ferreri features Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve. Mastroianni plays Giorgio, who lives on a island somewhere off the Mediterranean coast of France. He lives there with his dog, and the remains of an old German World War II airbase.

He earns his living drawing cartoons. Liza (Deneuve) swims to the island from a rich man’s yacht, and the yacht’s crew confirm the end of her relationship with the owner by bringing her luggage to the island. She and Giorgio meet and become involved. She is jealous of his relationship with the dog and kills her rival while assuming its duties: wearing a collar, fetching sticks, etc.

While the Vulpiani interview is not truly revealing of the film’s message the one with Mr. Apra is simply outstanding. The film historian deconstructs the La Cagna in a manner that perfectly explains what led Ferreri to his decision to film Flaiano’s book, how the film was put together (there are some great comments about the ongoing at the time affair between Deneuve and Mastroianni), the political message behind the picture, how the film’s compares with Ferreri’s previous work, and finally what the unusual relationship between the main protagonists truly represent. This is indeed one spectacular analysis which as far as I am concerned is just as fascinating as the film is. (from Xploited Cinema)

The extra includes two interviews (in one file): one with film historian Adriano Apra and one with the director of photography Mario Vulpiani (both with optional English subtitles).


Subtitles:English (srt)

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