Marylin Monroe – Marylin Monroe pornography (1948)

Many famous stars began their career in pornography, Marilyn Monroe being one of the greatest examples, who when financially stable declared she no longer had to gratify the sexual demands of studio executives.

A pornographic short film of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe recently surfaced in Spain. This grainy black-and-white footage was made in 1947 when Monroe was 21. The American Film Institute, though has denied reports from Spain that it had authenticated the 50-year-old pornographic film purportedly showing Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe engaging in a sexual act.

As early as 1944 Marilyn Monroe was in Los Angeles modeling and acting and in 1949 posed nude for Tom Kelley in a series of photographs that would later galvanize her image as a sex symbol and fuel her rise to fame. The late 1940’s was a difficult time for Monroe, having lost her 20th Century Fox contract in 1946 she allegedly returned to less reputable means of making money to support herself.

In 1965, Joseph DiMaggio attempts to buy a so-called “French” type movie featuring his late ex-wife from FBI sources for $25,000. The source refuses to sell. DiMaggio’s offer – 3 years after Marilyn’s death and 10 years after their divorce – is the strongest evidence existing to support the theory that a pornographic movie starring Marilyn does exist. A longtime friend even after their divorce, DiMaggio took part in managing her estate and continued to protect her interests long after her death.

The Museum has taken posession of a film shot in 1948 featuring a woman widely thought to be the late sex symbol. It is the only film for which attribution has not be conclusively verified. While the American Film Institute was hesitant to confirm the identity of the actress in this film, in a 1996 letter they did give indications that they did believe it was her.

“One Monroe stag film remains in dispute, however. Also dated from 1948, this unnamed 16mm hardcore short shows a Monroe-ringer screwing a mustached man on a couch. According to a 1980 Penthouse cover story, a print was discovered that year by a Swedish photographer and subsequently publicized in adult magazines and tabloids worldwide. “Here, in grainy celluloid,” Penthouse wrote next to copious frame-enlargements, “may well be the still unglamorized sex goddess the public never knew, before plastic surgeons, stylists, and designers transformed her into the mythical Marilyn Monroe. It’s a thought to fire the imagination of every man who ever dreamed of her, a fantasy come to fruition.” Another print of probably the same film garnered headlines in industry trades when it surfaced at a Spanish festival for film collectors in 1997. Those who argue the actress is Monroe point to declassified FBI files from 1965 detailing that Joe DiMaggio offered $25,000 for a print of a “French-type” movie depicting Monroe “in unnatural acts with an unknown male.” Its authenticity seemed likely enough for Hollywood’s Erotic Museum to purchase a print, now kept in its collection alongside artwork by Picasso and Tom of Finland.”
Ed Halter, Village Voice: link

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