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Joseph W. Sarno – Butterflies (1975)


“BUTTERFLIES is the bonafide masterpiece… the best of the three Sarno-Nebe films and probably the sexiest “softcore” film he ever made. If BUTTERFLIES could be called “softcore”…the film was shot hardcore and then the penetration cut out to focus on the reactions and intense chemistry between the performers. Some fleeting moments of hardcore are still present, but this qualifies more as a hard softcore feature which would still be rated X today. Marie Forsa returns as Denise, a beautiful country girl whose life is filled with joy and love for her handsome boyfriend, Freddy. But living in an idyllic existence soon bores her, and she is off to the big city to experience the glamour and glitz for herself. She meets Frank, a dashing nightclub owner who takes her under his wing. But she doesn’t take kindly to the fact that she’s just one of his stable of women and must choose between the big city life and her dreary farm life.

Among Sarno’s 70s softcore outings (yes, he did do hardcore under a pseudonym and some of them were really good!), BUTTERFLIES is perhaps his very sexiest film (many say CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE is hotter, but I disagree). Like his other films, the sex is played without music and just allowing the sounds of man and woman having great sex to inform the audience of how erotic sex can be without the gynelogical close-ups and cumshots. The mix of European starlets and American porn stars is a good one and the sex is never short of explosive! Marie Forsa, who was dynamite in BIBI the previous year, had by now worked with Mac Ahlberg and had the sex act down to a refined art. Her facial expressions of pain, pleasure and ultimate ecstasy will never be duplicated and are the best Sarno ever captured. While the other sex scenes with the other actresses aren’t bad, it is Forsa’s scenes with her American co-stars which are the film’s highlights.

RetroSeduction Cinema has preserved the original director’s cut of BUTTERFLIES. They also offered a “grindhouse cut” with the XXX inserts shot in the US, but this version preserved on DVD is the preferred edit. The fullscreen transfer once again looks accurate and aside from a decent amount of grain and some speckling at reel changes, this is a fine-looking restoration job! The colors of the outdoors scenes are beautiful, as are the costumes and lighting in the nightclub sequences. All of the fleshtones are accurate, which are important during the many sex scenes. The English mono is decent, but really shines during the sounds of sex.” – Casey Scott, DVD Drive-In


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