1971-1980EroticaGermanyJoseph W. Sarno

Joseph W. Sarno – Vild på sex AKA Girl Meets Girl (1974)

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“…It is just this sexual enthusiasm that encouraged Sarno to write the second installment, GIRL MEETS GIRL (originally titled BIBI), around Forsa’s on- and off-camera sexual escapades. Seems she spent a lot of her off hours jumping in and out of the sack with virtually every cast and crew member, and this left a pretty significant impression on the plot of the second film – in which Forsa’s character Bibi has wild sex with nearly everyone she meets. Seriously, by midway through the film, there is barely any time given for exposition before fresh young Bibi is ripping off her little summer dress and going down on someone.

The story – what there is of it – revolves around Bibi’s arrival at the cozy cottage of her aunt Toni (Henkowa again, looking softer but still kinda creepy), and diving headlong into the crotches of each and every one of her aunt’s swinging friends. No one is safe from Bibi’s insatiable hunger, as her apple-cheeked girlishness (she was only eighteen at the time) cleverly masks her all-consuming sex urges. She also manages to amass a pretty impressive collection of ’70s junk jewelry, as she acquires little mementos from all of her conquests. Naughty underthings come into play, as well as some bizarre S&M, a collection of dildos that would shame Doc Johnson, and the aforementioned cucumber. Again, don’t expect any money shots, but that’s part of the charm. Besides, you may be inclined to kick all your cold, clinical by-the-numbers porn videos to the curb after seeing the sweaty enthusiasm on display here.” – Gregory S. Burkart, Monsters At Play


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