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Kanji Nakajima – Hako aka Box (2003)


The scene of the story is laid in a tranquil village in some future world, where high technology is integrated with its nostalgic scenery.
Under “the exhausted tree”, a machine is built, which supports the life of the tree.
There lives “an old craftsman” who fixes it. “The Box” made by him is rambling along the old railroad, taking the memories of the people and the events in the village in it. In his quiet life, The old craftsman is worried about The Box, saying ” I have not fulfilled his wish yet”.
Then, the monotonous and peaceful scene in the village has begun to change slowly after the old craftsman’s death – the tree fallen down, The Box broken.
The mourning for The Box, however, will open up a new prospect.
What is the wish of The Box which is now appearing ?

Note for this film

This is a completely new kind of SF film which shows the future of our civilization profoundly and quietly but humorously, having “The Box” as the leading role.
It tells allegorically like a picture book the possibility of the peaceful co-existence of high technology and tree, a symbol of nature.
The quite unique world of this film is depicted in its simple and beautiful images, which can entirely change our images for monochrome films.
There is the future no one has ever imagined in “The Box”.

Official Invitation from:
The 38th. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival -AnotherView-
The 21st. Torino International Film Festival
The 27th. HongKong International Film Festival -TheZone-Avangarde
The 30th. Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent

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