Roy Stuart – Glimpse 2 (1990 – 2008)

American photographer Roy Stuart has carved out a most interesting niche for himself in Paris, creating elaborate erotic scenes for his two excellent books for the German publisher Taschen and the American magazine Leg Show.
In addition, Stuart captures these photoshoots on videotape for a series he calls New Glimpse. At $120 each these tapes are not cheap. But weighing in at 2.5 hours each, they are something special, marathon-length demonstrations that Stuart is a true master of the masturbatory male vignette. He has the talent and vision to take all the familiar elements and make them original and arousing.
So far I’ve seen two of Stuart’s videos, and they radiate a delicious decadence rarely seen in what passes for erotic video on these shores. In one of New Glimpse #2’s hottest segments a dominating young woman toys with two men who show up at her door, getting them to strip and play with themselves for her amusement. In another an older man and a young man begin making love and when clothes come off, the younger he is revealed to be a she. In a third, a group of women on one side of a wall, suck and tug on the erections men have pushed through holes in the other side of a wall.
In other words, many of Stuart’s elaborately staged segments tell rudimentary stories — scenarios in which one brings as much to the action from one’s psyche as does Stuart. Other segments are less developed, plot-wise and with fewer special effects. Either way, though, “Glimpse” is a well-chosen title word for Stuart’s videos. They seem very much like peeking in on unexpected erotic scenes. In many segments the voyeurism is intensified by the obvious presence of Stuart’s crews. Sometimes these people create odd juxtapositions: intense moments of erotic intoxication interrupted by a nonchalant crew member passing through the scene.
For me, New Glimpse #2 works because it takes one to unexpected places and looks at the old subject of sex from a different angle.

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