2001-2010Antony CordierDramaFrance

Antony Cordier – Douches froides aka Cold Showers (2005)


Cold Showers is a coming of age story about Mickael (Johan Libereau), a high school student who is captain of the Judo team and who lives with his low-income family. His mother is a janitor/groundskeeper at a gymnasium and his father is a long-time taxi driver and drunkard. Both are struggling to pay for services and amenities for their apartment. He also has a girlfriend named Vanessa (Salome Stevenin) and the two of them befriend Clement (Pierre Perrier) a rich student who becomes his Judo teammate. A sex triad is formed, and drama ensues.


Language(s):English, French
Subtitles:English, Spanish (optional)

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