Philippe Grandrieux – Un lac (2008)


The story takes place in a country about which we know nothing: a country of snow and dense forests somewhere in the North. A family lives in an isolated house near a lake. Alexi, the brother, is a young man with pure heart. A woodcutter. An ecstatic, prey to epileptic fits, he is entirely opened to the nature that surrounds him. Alexi is terribly close to his younger sister, Hege. Their blind mother, their father and their little brother are the silent witnesses to their overwhelming love. A stranger arrives, a young man barely older that Alexi

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  1. I downloaded this film and it plays perfectly fine in the VLC player except the subtitles that go with it are not showing up. When putting the film file (ArtSubs.avi) and the English subtitles ( I tried putting the srt file over the subtitle file then vice versa and still no subtitles showed up. I clicked on “S” on my keyboard and it displayed in the top left corner of the screen “N/A subtitles”. By chance could reupload the subtitles for this?

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