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Zaza Urushadze – Mandariinid AKA Tangerines (2013)


Autumn in the 1990s. An Estonian village in Abkhazia. Forest-covered hills, the sea, tangerine orchards. The Abkhazian War in Georgia. Two villagers – an old man Ivo and his neighbour Markus – are the only ones who haven’t left. Markus wants to harvest his tangerine plantation, although Ivo is against cropping during wartime. As the war approaches and the conflict takes place before their very eyes, Ivo finds a survior on the battlefield – a wounded Caucasian man Akhmed. Despite the danger Ivo takes him to his place. When Markus, while burying the perished Georgians, also finds a survivor. The tangerin harvesters now must resolve their own war, happening under their roof with enemies from both sides.

Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival 2013
Audience Award – Zaza Urushadze

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2013
Estonian Film Award – Zaza Urushadze
International Film Clubs Award – Zaza Urushadze

Warsaw International Film Festival 2013
Audience Award – Zaza Urushadze
Best Director – Zaza Urushadze

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2013
Grand Prize – Zaza Urushadze

Warsaw International Film Festival 2013
Grand Prix – Zaza Urushadze


Arabic srt:

Language(s):Russian, Estonian


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