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Frank V. Ross – Tiger Tail in Blue (2012)

Christopher and Melody are a couple in the midst of their first year of marriage. Christopher is a writer by day, but by night serves wine and food to people without discerning tastes. Melody is a teacher who finds herself exhausted with instruction, grading, and parent-teacher meetings. Less by choice than by chance (or maybe necessity), they keep opposing schedules that leave little time for one another. As a result, their interactions are abbreviated, sometimes impersonal, and over time their relationship suffers. But perhaps for the better?

Frank V. Ross’ TIGER TAIL IN BLUE accomplishes something all too terribly rare in today’s cinema: the film puts its trust completely with the audience to recognize the poetry inherent within a complex, emotional device.— LA Ciné Salon

Like a lot of Frank’s work, the movie takes place in the working-class suburbs of Chicago, which is sort of a backdrop that nobody gets as right as Frank consistently does. And it’s about a guy who works in a restaurant, and his schoolteacher wife, and a waitress that he works with — a love triangle. But Frank casts the same actress, Rebecca Spence, to play both women, so you watch the movie, and you’re not sure if you’re watching flashbacks to how they both met, or jumping forward to now. The movie sort of plays with time, too, and builds this up, and ultimately reveals that these are different characters. And Frank also stars in the film and gives a great performance in his own movie. There’s an incredible melancholy tone that’s better than anything I saw this year.— Joe Swanberg

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