Ken Loach – My Name Is Joe [+extras] (1998)



When recovering alcoholic and amateur football manager Joe (Peter Mullan) falls for health worker Sarah, who should know better, they both suspect the romance may be a bad idea, but it blossoms nevertheless. However, the lovers have very different ideas about how to deal with the problems Glaswegian life throws at them, and when Joe is forced to do some drug running to pay off a debt, their tentative relationship is in danger of spluttering to a halt.

Interview – Ken Loach

Interview – Paul Laverty

Interview – Peter Mullan


1. Interview – Ken Loach
2. Interview – Paul Laverty
3. Interview – Peter Mullan–_Ken_Loach.mkv–_Ken_Loach.idx––_Ken_Loach.sub

Subtitles:English, Russian (idx, sub), English (srt)

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