Klaus Lemke – Rocker (1972)


The most authentic movie about Hamburg in 1970’s – Rock’n’roll, sex, drugs, 1970’s lifestyle, 1970’s hairstyle, murder, prostitution, Santana, bikers, Reeperbahn, and St. Pauli provide the basis for the story featuring Gerd and Modschiedler, the ill-assorted couple (if at all amateur actors, who act themselves) of this fantastic movie.

The most outstanding characteristic is the idiom of the 1970’s – as a German native speaker you will have lots of fun watching this movie. From my perspective the funny but very authentic dialogs are the key highlights – not only of the movie but also of the 1970’s.

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  1. thanks!!! a lot

  2. Can you refresh it ..with the englisg subs. please

  3. Rocker 1972 is the most interesting and beautiful German film ever. I really adore it.
    Klaus Lemke is magnificent is any way. 10++++

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