1991-2000Bakhtyar KhudojnazarovComedyDramaRussia

Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov – Luna Papa (1999)



“Mix some Monty Python with the violent black humour of Yugoslavian director Emir Kusturica, add a little South American magic realism, and you might have some idea of what goes on in the thoroughly strange and enjoyable Luna Papa, a movie set in the contemporary world of Central Asia. Within the context of its comic, fantastic narrative, about a pregnant teenager and her search for the father of her child whom she has never seen, there`s a darker impression of life revealed in this journey through the outlying former Soviet republic of Tajikistan where gangsterism, military brutality and violent surprises are a normal part of existence.” (Globe and Mail, February 2001)

” It is a “tragicomedy” about a girl in her late teens named Mamlakat (Chulpan Khamatova) who mysteriously gets seduced and impregnated by someone she hears (but never gets a full look at) on a full moon night when a touring troupe of actors has flown into her small town for a performance of one of Shakespeare`s plays. An unwanted pregnancy is the last thing she needs … her father (Ato Mukhamedshanov) is widowed and finding it increasingly difficult to support her older brother (Moritz Bleibtreu), a former soldier who suffered permanent brain damage in battle and is now the town idiot. When the girl discovers that she`s pregnant and reveals it to her father, he`s determined to find the responsible party, and there is much mirth as the family of three tours south central Russia in an attempt to locate the actor by attending plays and having Mamlakat try to identify the voice. The film has a lot of beautiful landscapes, the production values are excellent, the pacing never drags, there are many laughs, and the three leads are extremely well-cast.” (Harry Knowles, TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL reviews)


Subtitles:English, French

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