David Hamilton – Laura, les ombres de l’été AKA Laura, Shadows of a Summer (1979)


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This movie is about a sculptor who loves “making” statues and paintings of young nudes. He becomes obsessed with the daughter (Laura) of a friend, whom he knew a long time ago. He manages to get her mother to take pictures of her for him to use in making a sculpture of her body. Laura develops a crush on him (as did her mother) and after he is blinded, offers to help him finish the statue that he started by posing for him herself. He’s able to finish the clay sculpture by using his hands to feel along her body. They both get caught up in the moment and she becomes a women.

Those who argue about the plot or dialogue have missed the point of a David Hamilton movie. They simply don’t get it. At any rate, there are a few story plots intertwined in this movie if you can pick them out.

And as for adolescent beauty, it is evident to all who have a discerning eye. The preteens and teens in this movie are among the prettiest (face and body) ever to be in a David Hamilton movie (or his books). This movie caused a lot of controversy when it was first released. Dawn Dunlpa (Laura) went on to appear in other movies such as “Forbidden World” where once again her body (total nudity) is on display for all to see.

This movie contains a lot of preteen nudity (front and rear) of girls in the shower and you do get to see quite a bit of a young and beautiful Dawn Dunlap (full nudity).

As with all gatekeeper reviews, which are concerned only with adult themes, nudity and violence – this movie contains preteen nudity and sexual situations. If you’re a David Hamilton or Dawn Dunlap fan, this movie is a must. If you do not appreciate preteen nudity or are unable to view it as artistic, then do not buy this movie.



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