2001-2010ArgentinaComedyDramaJuan José Campanella

Juan José Campanella – El Hijo de la novia aka Son of the Bride [+Extras] (2001)


A great feel-good type of film. Campanella lives up to promise and delivers yet again, as he dives head first into the story of a forty-something going through a mid-life crisis. Ricardo Darin (Rafael Belvedere) shows us why he’s one of South America’s biggest stars as he puts in a performance to rival “Nine Queens” (another great Argentinian film). He’s complemented by Natalia Verbeke who plays his girlfriend (and who is in possession of the world’s greatest smile) and Héctor Alterio and Norma Aleandro who play his parents. Aleandro in particular contributes some magnificent scenes, playing an aged woman struggling to cope with mental illness. A really good film that will restore your faith in humanity….A bit corny?? oh well…. Funny, original, and well put together. Recommended for everyone!!


Subtitles:English, Spanish & Portuguese idx/sub

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