2011-2020ArthouseDramaFranceJacques Doillon

Jacques Doillon – Mes séances de lutte (2013)


A young woman excuse his father’s funeral to find a neighbor rather charming , and try to understand why she interrupted the love relationship began with him a few months earlier. They end and replay the scene where his cop prevented their history started. They try it , wrestle , grapple , while approaching . They rub , bump against each other and have fun to talk with as fancy as gravity , and into a struggle more and more physical. They will eventually bind to each other during daily sessions that look like a game. Beyond their verbal sparring , the confrontation becomes a necessity to try to find a curious ritual that they can not escape .dropoff window Gradually, obviously it will take something frees them so that these struggles are finally became a real struggle for love.


Spanish srt:

Language(s) :French
Subtitles :English,Spanish

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