1961-1970Arünas ZebriünasDramaLithuania

Arünas Zebriünas – Paskutine atostogu diena aka the Girl and the Echo (1964)

Movie about a friendship of two children – a girl and a boy during the last day of summer holiday

Young Vika is spending her summer vacation with her grandfather on a remote seaside area surrounded by mountains. She flutters like a butterfly in her dotted dress, both in the mountains and by the water. The girl’s best friends are the mountains, and she loves their echo the most. She considers her affections secrets, and shares them with her new friend, Roma, a young boy who is newcomer to the area and who soon sadly betrays Vika’s friendship. The summer vacation ends on a sour note, but on leaving, Vika throws a coin into the sea, a wish to return next year.

Although film critics have called The Girl and the Echo one of the director’s most outstanding films, the film was originally bad-mouthed by educators and journalists after its premier. The anger was mostly directed at the scenes where Vika, the protagonist, swam naked. The movie was black listed and removed from the local cinema canon and only received recognition in Lithuania after being awarded a special prize at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.

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