Georgi Daneliya – Mimino (1977)


Description: (using google translate from russian)
Friends name Valiko Mizandari “Mimino” which is translated from the Georgian means “falcon”. Working in his native mountain village, a helicopter transports Mimino mail, vegetables, sheep. But he has long been dreaming of this, a large aircraft. Finally he managed to translate his dream into reality. He invited a pilot on international flights and is coming to Moscow. The open and friendly to people, Mimino not very comfortable feel in a big city. Nevertheless, he becomes the pilot of supersonic aircraft, flying all over the world. But zatoskovav to his homeland, he returned home to Georgia, to their friends and relatives, to his friends.

Georgi Daneliya beautiful film, a masterpiece of Soviet cinema.

IMDB User Comment
This is the best movie about human relationship. The best tragicomedy ever! Danelia’s masterpiece. Kikabidze’s and Mkrtchan’s best roles. I presume this is the bset soviet and russian film. Shame that many ppl in the world didnt see it!!! (author rainfall)

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