2001-2010DramaGreecePantelis Voulgaris

Pantelis Voulgaris – Nyfes AKA Brides (2004)

Summer of 1922.
Photographer Norman Harris and Niki are sailing to America aboard the same ship. Norman in first class and Niki in third, together with some 700 other brides. They all carry the photograph of a bridegroom they have never met in their little trunks as well as their bridal gown. Norman is touched when he sees the brides in third class. Niki is the one who makes the greatest impression on him. Gradually they get to know each other and fall in love. Brides is a story about strong emotions, about dilemmas, about conscience, about a responsible attitude. It is about the little moments, the glances, the touches, the “yeses” an the “nos” that count in life.

Executive producer: Martin Scorsese

2.12GB | 2h 03m | 720×576 | mkv




  1. I’m looking for this on DVD for Region 1 with English Subtitles.

    Do you know where I may be able to find this?

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