Henry Barakat – Doa al karawan AKA The Nightingale’s Prayer (1959)


Which is more powerful, Love or Revenge?
For over an hour and half of enjoyment watching this magnificent story and special movie you will ask your self this question, which is more powerful?

Amna (played by the Legendary Faten Hamama) is a young sister that watches the death of her older sister by her Uncle, the guy that abandoned her family and left them with no support. She hears from her mother that her sister was killed because she dishonors the family and based on their culture, she deserve to die. Amna doesn’t think so; she believes that her uncle was the one to blame for what they are suffering from. She switches her focus and revenge to the engineer who fooled her sister and lied to her (role played by Ahmed Mazhar) and was a direct cause for her death. Amna moves to his house to work as maid and tried to poison him many times, but her plans always fails. She discovers after a while that she can’t kill, she doesn’t have the power to kill. This engineer keep playing with her try to have fun, but she kept resist him. The more she resisted, the more he was attracted to her and finally he loved her. The poor girl thought that by making him falling in love with her would destroy his life. What she didn’t count for was her heart started to click signals for that guy. Her plan was to dig a hole for him and through him in it, but she fell in the hole with him.

She faced him with the truth, and who she is. She decided to leave him and get away from him. She knows that her plan was failed and she needs to get away. It was about time for her uncle (the guy who killed her sister) to find where she is and was after her death to keep his family pride and honor shinning!!!!!!!!!!!

In her way out of the house, she sees him and she knows that he has bad intention, but the engineer sees him too, and takes the bullet in his back to protect her and save her life.

It’s a sad ending that you will never forget.

There are no enough words to describe how this picture is great. A story by Taha Hussein (the Dean of the Arabic Literature), Faten Hamama (The lady of the Arabic Screen), Ahmed Mazhar, Amina Rizk, Zahrat El-Olla and running this show by someone like Henry Barakat is something deserves great appreciation after watching it.


Subtitles:English – hard

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