Djordje Kadijevic – Leptirica AKA The Butterfly (1973)


Yugoslavian vampire horror film
Directed by Djordje Kadijevic in 1973
Cast: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic , Slobodan Perovic, Vasja Stankovic

This is a Yugoslavian female vampire horror film of the early 70s shot in the Serbian countryside and based on a novel. The film starts in a mill. The old miller listens strange bird voices and while he’s sleeping the millstone suddenly stops working and a strange creature with black hands, long nails, angry eyes and long teeth bites his neck and drinks his blood. You don’t manage to see the whole creature but you understand it’s a human, not animal…

After the shocking start the film turns to a talky romance between a young miller and a shepherd’s daughter with an angelic face and long blonde hair. Also we watch the comic arguements between his friends from the village. They’re always drunk and a funny priest is between them. The young guy talks to his lover’s father but he doesn’t want to hear a word about their marriage.

Later the vampiric creature attacks to the young miller in his mill. The same elements again, strange voices from the birds and the millstone stops. The creature attacks. Another scary scene but now ends a bit funny as our hero falls into flour and saves himself.

The company goes to an ugly old witch for her advise. She shows them the place where the vampire has been buried and they nail down a huge stake through the closed coffin (they affraid to open it). A butterfly comes out of the bloody coffin (I’m not sure but maybe “Leptirica” means “butterfly” in Serbian?)

The young miller -with a little help by his friends – takes away his lover from her house. They go to the village and prepare their marriage. The night before the marriage he sneaks into her room to make love with her while she’s asleep. But below her breast he discovers…a huge bloody hole !!

Yes, she’s actually the vampire. She opens her eyes and suddenly transforms to a disgusting bloodthirsty creature. She climbs over his neck from behind while he’s running like hell into the woods. Great slow motion here. This is the most powerful scene of the movie and I can tell you that this female vampire is the most creepy and frightful one in the film history !!



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