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René Cardona Jr. – Cyclone (1978)

What starts out as a beautiful peaceful afternoon in the Caribbean quickly turns ugly when a Cyclone takes down a Jet plane killing most of its passengers. Out at sea about the same time is a group of tourists on a boat who are now lost at sea due to the storm knocking out all their navigation devices. The group of tourist’s on the boat come across the survivors of the jet plane as they drift aimlessly out at sea. Tensions start to build between the survivors of the Cyclone as the supplies dwindle and the days go by with no hope of rescue in site. Will they be rescued before they turn on each other?

What starts out as your typical disaster movie quickly morphs into something more horrific. Director Rene Cardona Jr. deftly dissects the darker side of human nature and our need as species to survive at all costs. His direction is solid through out as one never gets the impression that this film was shot on a minuscule budget. The Cyclone storm sequence is expertly executed and it achieves a level of realism on par with Hollywood disaster films made around the same time. The film is beautifully photographed and the under water footage with the sharks despite being stock footage effortlessly fits in with the rest of the footage. The film moves along quickly and for such a simple premise there really is never a dull moment. The most freighting moments don’t happen during the storm or scenes with the sharks. The most disturbing moments take place on the boat aptly named the “Moby Dick” with the survivors of the Cyclone.

What starts off innocent enough when a few of the men kill one of the women’s dog for food soon turns into all you can eat buffet of the recently deceased survivors’. The performances for the most part are adequate with a few actors going a bit too far over the top. The shark attacks are not that convince and at times the flesh they carry in their mouths looks fake. Riz Ortolani supplies yet another solid score that has a distinct disco edge to it. Overall Cyclone is a thrilling adventure will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

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