Stanley Kwan – Hong meigui, bai meigui aka Red Rose, White Rose (1994)


Plot Synopsis

This sensitive Asian melodrama chronicles the two major loves in the life of a man who cannot change. The story is divided into two parts; each part focused upon one woman. The story begins in Shanghai during the early 1930’s and follows the loves of Zhen-bao. His early love life abroad is chronicled in the opening scenes. The real story begins as Zhen-pao returns to Shanghai and stays at his friend Wang’s apartment. Zhen-bao meets Wang’s moody, selfish wife Jiao-rui. The two begin a passionate affair. Zhen-bao nicknames her “Red Rose”……. Time passes. In the second half, Zhen-bao is a businessman who woos and marries Yen-li, his “White Rose.” She is from a peasant background and very young. She endeavors to be the perfect wife. More time passes. It is 1943 and Zhen-bao is back to his old ways……… –edited for spoilers from Sandra Berman

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