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Alexandre Stockler – Cama de Gato AKA Cat’s Cradle (2002)


Three young hedonistic sociopaths find themselves in deep, deep trouble in Alexandre Stockler’s ugly 2002 teen drama Cat’s Cradle. Longtime pals and recent high school graduates Gabriel (Cainan Baladez), Cristiano (Caio Blat), and Francisco (Rodrigo Bolzan) are all from privileged Sao Paulo households, and as such, spend the vast majority of their time seeking entertainment in any way, shape, or form. The depths of their depravity become fully apparent when the trio captures and gang rapes a young woman — who dies in the midst of this horrific crime. In a panic, the gang of rapists/murderers try to cover up their crime and quickly discover that the cover-up is oftentimes more egregious than the initial crime, with more death and mayhem following suit. Cat’s Cradle marked the first film of the newly formed TRAUMA (Trying to Realize Anything Urgently and with a Minimum of Audacity) school of filmmaking, a so-called “ironic Latin American response to Dogma 95” co-founded by director Stockler. ~ Ryan Shriver, All Movie Guide

From IMDB:
Simply the best

Cama De Gato (Cat’s Cradle) is the best Brazilian film I’ve seen in the last 10 years. It’s very deep and still very funny, like the Brazilian society is, with all it’s problems but still a great country with great people, but probably the worst politicians on earth. Cama De Gato does not try to show the things differently as they are in reality, it makes philosophy with the ordinary life of three young upper middle class teenagers that get into big troubles just because they were looking for a “bit of fun”… Very impressive and important film to understand a little more about this very complex society. Simply the best. I’m very interested in Alexandre Stockler’s next project.


Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema – Best Supporting Actor (Melhor Ator Coadjuvante)
Rodrigo Bolzan (2002)
Miami Latin Film Festival – Best Film (Nominated) – Alexandre Stockler (2003)
Montréal World Film Festival – First Film Special Distinction – Alexandre Stockler (2002)
São Paulo International Film Festival – Audience Award (Best Feature – Brazilian) – Alexandre Stockler (2002)


Subtitles:English, Spanish, French and German .srt

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