Enzo Milioni – La Sorella di Ursula AKA The Sister of Ursula (1978)


Plot summary:
Two sisters from Austria, Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi) and Dagmar (Stefania D’Amario) check into a lavish seaside hotel in Italy. Still grieving the loss of their recently deceased father, they are warmly welcomed by the hotel’s owner and manager (Vanni Materassi) who invites them to check out the adjoining nightclub. They are introduced to the hilariously awful singer Stella Shining (Yvette Harlow) and the suave and debonair closet junkie Filippo (Marc Porel). It would all be deadly dull if it wasn’t for a mad unseen killer who’s going around raping and murdering the local women with a giant wooden dildo! A subplot involving a drug ring and lots of near hardcore sex fails to spice up things any further.

Out of all of the gialli that I’ve ever seen this has to be one of the most interesting. It’s a movie that certainly has the stylish presentation that most do but it is also very comedic in it’s own particular way. Although I don’t want to spoil anything I think it’s safe to say that the killer in the film uses the most “phallic” weapon I’ve ever seen in this type of movie. It’s funnier than hell and considering how goofy it is it’s amazing that it really doesn’t take you out of the film. Not only that but you also get an interesting murder mystery like in most gialli out there but you get more flesh on display than in possibly an giallo film I’ve ever seen. I didn’t pay close attention to it during the entire film, but at one point I was pretty much sure that there was at least one bare breast per frame.

Another notable item about this movie is the fact that it’s a pretty sleazy little giallo film considering. Pretty much ever murder in the movie follows up a lengthy sex scene in which there is only so much left up to the imagination. The movie works as a giallo but it’s also a pretty effective sexploitation flick as it’s as good as soft-core could possibly be with revealing scenes and pretty good looking women throughout. So I would of course say that this would surely appeal to your sexploitation aficionado’s as much as it would Italian thriller and gialli ones as well.

The acting in the film is pretty solid especially when Barbara Magnolfi (Ursula) is on screen. She is more than likely the most interesting character in the movie and is the one that has the most substance here as well. Stefania D’Amario is pretty hot and is naked for a lot of the movie. Her big scene would have to be the one in which she manages to engage in sexual activity with a piece of jewelry. It’s pretty funny, comes out of nowhere, and is probably my choice for most unintentionally funny thing I’ve ever seen in a giallo flick before.

Overall I found “The Sister of Ursula” to be incredibly entertaining and something different from this familiar Italian subgenre. It’s a solid film that I think anyone who courts different types of sexploitation stuff too. Either way if you’re a fan of female flesh, phallic weapon carrying madmen, or just like to get your sleaze on then you’ll most likely really dig this one.



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