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Blake Edwards – Switch (1991)


Switch is a faint-hearted sex comedy that doesn’t have the courage of its initially provocative convictions. Undemanding audiences will get a few laughs from the notion of a man parading around in Ellen Barkin’s body. Ladykiller Steve Brooks (Perry King) accepts an invitation for a hot tub frolic with three of his old girlfriends, only to be murdered by them for his innumerable emotional crimes against women over the years. Steve is given a chance to escape a fiery fate by returning to Earth and finding just one woman who genuinely likes him. Only catch is that he will henceforth inhabit the body of a woman, and that of an uncommonly sexy one.

Masquerading as the disappeared man’s long-lost half-sister, ‘Amanda’ manages to hold on to Steve’s old job at a high-powered ad agency, hangs out with Steve’s best friend Jimmy Smits and intimidates the murder ringleader, JoBeth Williams, into assisting her in dressing.

Things look like they’ll shift into high gear when Amanda meets cosmetics queen Lorraine Bracco, a lesbian, and decides to seduce her into transferring her big account to the agency. Unfortunately, pic chickens out from this point on, to dismaying ends.

Barkin is clearly game for anything the director wants her to do, including extensive physical clowning, but mugs and overdoes the grimacing and macho posturing. Smits and Bracco are smooth enough.



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