Robert Altman – The Company [+Extras] (2003)


From wiki: The Company is composed of stories gathered from the actual dancers, choreographers, and office staff of the Joffrey Ballet. Most of the roles are played by real-life company members. While there are small subplots involving a love story between Campbell’s character and a character played by James Franco, most of the movie focuses on the company as a whole, without any real star or linear plot. The many real-life stories woven together show the dedication and hard work that dancers must put in to their art, even though they are seldom rewarded with fame, fortune, or even a statue, painting, or album on which to look back.

The Company was an idea of Campbell’s for a long time – she began her career as a ballet dancer, having been a student at Canada’s National Ballet School. [2] Altman was reportedly reluctant to take on the directing of the movie initially[citation needed], but later relented. After filming was concluded, Campbell was offered a position to dance in the company, but turned it down due to injuries and a desire to keep acting.

# Altman’s first foray into High Definition Video.

# Altman shot 10 ballets in full specially for the film.
Ballets Shown : – Light Rain: Choreography by Gerald Arpino – Tensile Involvement: Choreography by Alwin Nikolais – Suite Saint-Saëns: Choreography by Gerald Arpino – My Funny Valentine: Choreography by Lar Lubovitch – Creative Force: Choreography by Laura Dean – Trinity: Choreography by Gerald Arpino – Strange Prisoners: Choreography by Davis Robertson – La Vivandi È Re Pas De Six: Choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon;transcribed by Ann Hutchinson Guest – White Widow: Choreography by Moses Pendleton and Cynthia Quinn – Momix The Blue Snake: Choreography by Robert Desrosiers.


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