Jean-Luc Godard – Prières pour Refusniks (2004)


Jean-Luc Godard address two cinematographic letters to young Israeli soldiers who were convicted after refusing to intervene in the occupied territories

Background context:

Refusal to serve in the IDF is a social phenomenon in Israel in which citizens refuse to serve in the Israel Defense Forces or disobey orders on the grounds of pacifism, antimilitarism, religious philosophy or political disagreement with Israeli policy such as the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Conscientious objectors in Israel are known as sarvanim which is sometimes translated as “refuseniks”, or mishtamtim (evaders, dodgers) – wikipedia

(1) The first prayer reuses footage from his biggest commercial failure,
Les Carabiniers (The Carabineers) that came out in 1963 in french movie theatres.

(2) The second is about symbolism, a hand is painting triangles, as a David cross removed from its handcuffs. Very beautiful and powerful in my opinion.
Then text in german appears on screen, warning both Berlin and Jerusalem that they are “dancing with Death.”
Some kind of parallel between Nazi oppression and what is happening today in Palestine.

Language(s):French, German (on screen)

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