1991-2000ComedyDramaMaria MaggentiQueer Cinema(s)USA

Maria Maggenti – The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995)


This enjoyable film combines features of teen movie, coming-of-age film, and lesbian flic. Made by a female director, with attractive actors, it is a role-reversal farce. The appeal is not restricted to lesbians – this is particularly suitable for the male audience, and not only because of the erotically effective love scenes (and the undeniable fact that the two main actresses are well worth looking at). Most importantly the comedy works well. There is an intriguing reversal of roles. The white girl is poor, and the black girl is rich.The poor girl belongs to a sort of “family” of lesbians that is warm and caring, while the black girl’s parents are separated and she lives with her mother. There is the gift from the rich girl of Walt Whitman’s poetry collection “Leaves of Grass” to the poor girl, who reads some of the poems while smoking grass and wakes up to the meaning of the words. The story has a satisfying ending, allowing everyone to get on with their lives.




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