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Abdellatif Abdul-Hamid – Aayadina aka Our Hands (1982)

This is a great little short from the back-catalogue of the 70s-80s Syrian art/experimental scene. It is a nine minute short about hands. Hands, and the things hands do. It’s handsomely edited to some hand-conducted orchestral music…

There’s not much worth adding, partly because I really don’t know much more about this excellent short, but also because I think it speaks for itself, made in the regionally barbaric year of 1982 by an activist/filmmaker in Syria, it is in part a very personal anti-war scream of horror and in part a very state-funded piece of socialist/Ba’athist agitprop about labour and community.

But its ultimately about hands. And hand completists should have it!


Language(s):No Dialogue


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