2001-2010Arnaud LarrieuComedyDramaFranceJean-Marie Larrieu

Arnaud Larrieu & Jean-Marie Larrieu – Un homme, un vrai (2003)


While they did not know, Boris, shy apprentice filmmaker and Marilyne, dynamic executive, fall madly in love at a Parisian evening. Five years later, Marilyn, accompanied by Boris and their children went to the Balearic Islands for a business trip. At the same time Boris, tired of his role as man at home, getting ready to leave, Marilyn made ​​a elopement and disappears … Five years later, Marilyne reappears deep in the Pyrenees. Came with a U.S. discover the mysteries of mating grouse group, she realizes that the mountain guide who accompanies is none other than Boris. (Source: after TV5)




  1. Hi, have you uploaded the wrong film here? The title of the upload is Ange Leccia – (2010) Blue Night.mkv
    I’d love to have Un Homme, Un Vrai (2003) if you can confirm, or re-up.

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