Jean Rollin – Les Amours Jaunes (1958)



Cult director Jean Rollin’s first film was this 12-minute, black-and-white short inspired by a poem by Tristan Corbiere. Filmed on weekends in 35mm on an old Maurigraphe camera borrowed from Rollin’s job at a newsreel company, the short contains footage of Rollin’s friends at the cliffs of Dieppe, readings of Corbiere’s poem, and some Fabien Loris drawings. Rollin made a few more shorts and false starts over the next decade before completing his first narrative feature, Le Viol du Vampire, in 1968. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide,_Jean_Rollin)KG.avi,_Jean_Rollin)KG.avi.html,_Jean_Rollin)KG.sub.html,_Jean_Rollin)KG.idx.html

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