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Nathan Schiff – Weasels Rip My Flesh (1979)

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An IMDB hater wrote:
This movie is a total piece of junk. It was shot on what looks like 8 millimeter film(not sure though). It looks like it was somebody’s student film. I think that this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty bad movies. I can’t believe that this movie is out on DVD, it’s so bad. The plot has something to do with a giant rabbit or something, I don’t know. I pretty much fast forwarded through the movie because it was so unbelievably bad. This movie has to be one of the worst ever made. I believe that the sound quality is bad and messed up too. The movie also had bad edits, I believe and poor special effects. I guess that the movie would be decent for a student film. They say that Ed Wood’s movies are bad. This movie makes Wood’s movies look like “Casablanca”. It’s a no-budget movie. I would recommend this movie to people only for them to see the world’s worst film. It should have remained buried. Take care.


When people think of cult directors, certain names usually come to mind like Wood or Waters. Unfortunately not many people associate cult horror films with Nathan Schiff. Nathan is a great writer/director who has created some of the most bizarre lowest budgeted movies around. They basically feel like home movies that have been filmed on childs allowance budget. But for whatever reason, they all have some enjoyable appeal to them. The director that created cult favorites “Long Island Cannibal Massacre” and “They Don’t Cut the Grass Anymore” started this career with his directorial debut called “Weasels Rip My Flesh.” While it is a very crudely done film, it has a certain undenyable charm that I love and is a fun viewing for any fan of VERY low budget cult flicks.

The story is quite simple and typical of cult horror. A NASA spacecraft was on Venus to collect samples of soil from the planet, but upon its descent to earth crashes. Unfortunately the spacecraft was filled with some sort of radioactive material that ends up spilling into a weasel hole. This weasel begins to grow and turns into a killer mutant weasel. The weasel begins to going on a killing spree but ends up getting wounded which leads to his capture. A scientist begins to experiment on the weasel and what in it’s blood caused this mutation. His hope is to be able to copy the weasels traits and create a mutant army and take over the world. Sounds terrible right? Well yes and no.

The storyline may not be great, but it did a decent job keeping my attention. The slightly over an hour run time helps to make sure they dont drag out the thin storyline. In the short time they have they were able to put in some pretty coarse gore. It is no doubt extremely coarse and fake looking, but that is half the amusement of it. It reminds me of some of H.G. Lewis’s blood effects in smaller budgeted movies. It was entertaining but in no way was it realisitc. Ond one more thing about the gore, try and keep tabs on how many arms they rip off. It is quite a few, and they manage to keep it entertaining each time.

The acting isnt very good, but what do you expect from a film with no budget? You have to take what you can get, and Nathan Schiff seems like he was able to maximize his casts efforts. The script is pretty cheesy but how can it not be for a homemade cult film? The sound is also pretty bad as I am sure they had little to no mic’s to pick up sound. Probably just one little one on the camera. The music sometimes cuts out a little, but overall it fits in the movie well. If this movie were made by any other lesser know director other than Nathan Schiff, it would have been terrible. He did a great job in making this an enjoyable cheesefest. Any movie about a killer mutant weasel is going to be good for some laughs, but the production quality of the over-the-top gore adds a level of enjoyment as well. The film gets to the point and doesnt waste time by stretching an already thin story even thinner. Schiff gets us from beginning to end quickly but with as much grace as a low-budget film can.

For an ultra low-budget film, it doesnt get more Z-grade then this, but if this would have been made for more money it would have stuck. The shoddy quality of props and sets and the hilariously bad script help make this film a cult horror favorite of mine. If H.G. Lewis, Ed Wood, or John Waters threw their name on this film, it would probably be an instant cult classic. Instead it is a film by a great cult director that sits in obscurity and doesnt get teh credit it deserves. See this movie and discover the world that is Nathan Schiff.



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