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Tom Tykwer – Die tödliche Maria AKA Deadly Maria [+Extras] (1993)


Synopsis by Sandra Brennan
This German psychodrama looks into the events that lead an introverted woman into taking extreme action against her oppressors. Poor Maria has spent her life being ignored and pushed around by men. First there was her invalid father whom she waited on hand and foot. Then there was her cold and emotionally distant husband. Maria has been internalizing her rage for years. Her anger finally erupts when her husband takes the little bit of money she’d been secretly saving over the last few years. She kills both her husband and her father. The film ends with her new boyfriend’s distressed facial expression as he learns of her murders.

Extras in german with no subtitles
1. Making of
2. Storyboard
3. audio commentary from Tom Tykwer and cinematographer Frank Griebe


Subtitles:english srt (rip of dvd) Deutsch HOH, English (VobSub format) english fansub srt

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