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Franco Piavoli – Poesie in 8mm AKA Poems in 8mm [+Extras] (1954-1964)

Poems in 8mm are the early works of Franco Piavoli, digitally restored. Independent short films, captured with a simple Paillard camera, involving no crew and no production. In this collection, one can find Le Stagioni (The Seasons), precursor to Il Pianeta Azzurro (The Blue Planet), Emigranti (Emigrants), a short on immigration in Milan during the Sixties, Domenica Sera (Sunday Evening), and the experimental Evasi (Convicts). These titles, up to this point unavailable to the public in an edition that respects the original state of the film. This also goes for the Piavoli’s first work, Ambulatorio (Surgery), described by the director as mere playing around with the camera. Without music and words, it is nonetheless revealing of an artistic sensibility that would soon show itself in full splendour.

Le Stagioni / The Seasons (1961, 27’)
Domenica Sera / Sunday Evening (1962, 11’)
Emigranti / Emigrants (1963, 11’)
Evasi / Convicts (1964, 12’)

Ambulatorio / Surgery (1954, 4’)
Intervista / Interview with Franco Piavoli (2012, 12’)



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