1981-1990DramaGreeceNikos Papatakis

Nikos Papatakis – I Fotografia AKA La Photo (1986) (HD)


During the dictatorship, a young man goes to Paris, where he seeks help from a solitary and almost misanthropic distant relative who works as a furrier. The young man carries with him the photograph of a singer whom he presents as his sister, thus causing a series of misunderstandings which trap him in a vicious circle of lies and fantasies. An allegory in the form of a modern-day tragedy of the “misunderstandings” and deceits of modern Greek History, as seen through the eyes of a Greek of the Diaspora.

Christos Tsagas (as Christos Tsagkas)
Aris Retsos
Zozo Zarpa
Despina Tomazani (as Despoina Tomazani)
Hristos Valavanidis (as Christos Valavanidis)
Marina Delivoria
Yannis Totsikas (as Giannis Totsikas)
Stratos Pahis (as Stratos Pachis)
Orestis Tsanakis
Yiorgos Kalantzis (as Giorgos Kalatzis)
Metaxia Deliou
Kostas Markopoulos


Subtitles:English, French, French HOH

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