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Randy Greif – The Three Trials (2006)


Randy Greif is best known as an experimental musician, perhaps most notably as the creator of the six-hour Alice in Wonderland project. Subtitled Adventures in Psychotica, his first film is a disturbing, surrealistic cinematic fantasy combining elements of Lewis Carroll with a big helping of “the cinema of transgression.” Think Luis Bunuel’s Belle du Jour, David Cronenberg’s Crash, Jonathan Weiss’ The Atrocity Exhibition and Andrew McElhinney’s Story of the Eye. Other possible influences: Georges Bataille, Octave Mirbeau, Anais Nin, etc. The film is the only recent example of a truly kinky, but still very artistic erotica film I can think of. The soundtrack is amazing, and features lots of post-industrial experimental heavyweights, including Nurse With Wound, Lustmord, SPK, Illusion of Safety and Muslimgauze.

Here is a short review from Film Baby:
The Three Trials uses a ground-breaking approach incorporating surreal story-telling, music videos, computer enhanced abstraction, and fetishistic sex to tell the twisted fairy tale of Catherine, a nun with a unique form of narcolepsy, and her adventures in search of devotion.
Some unlikely characters in this feverish, pitch-black comedy include: Catherine, a nun whose narcolepsy kicks in during sexual arousal. Catherine ends as a horribly scarred suburban housewife and part-time dining table. Beast, a yeti-like creature who helps Catherine escape a violent death, becoming her lover. Beast evolves into a plastic surgeon and a very accommodating husband to Catherine’s masochistic desires. Father, a 300-pound priest whose devotion requires the willing-to-oblige Rachel, a Mother Superior dominatrix. Father returns as a horned creature sprouting orange branches from a place of little sunshine. The Right Hand Of God, a powerful force in the church who resides in a monstrous boiler room. Sinister maybe, but Catherine’s guide. He keeps showing up. The Fixer, a frightening thug who transports Catherine to her confession, and his partner, The Creepy Man– a very disturbed person with a bad case of giggles. Julia, a young woman who has never left her storybook castle. She saves Catherine from Blackheart, the castle‘s keeper, by disguising Catherine as a fox. Aesthetic Meat Front, a group of people who skewer themselves with meat hooks and perform a bloody ritual in the film‘s climax. The soundtrack features musical artists from the post-industrial, ambient and uncategorizable music world.



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