Rita Azevedo Gomes – Frágil Como o Mundo (2002)


An impossible love. Two young people in love. Vera and John can’t find a space nor time, nor identity in this life that can solve this love. Apparently everything is beneficial to them, their families, friends and the land where they live. The issue is time. The time they don’t actually have (studies, families, distant houses) and the time of their own life – being so young they are subject to what that life brought upon them, that’s when the “story” of the film begins, therefore linked to a life that until then was not chosen by them. This is one reason, which leads to a runaway process. Escape in the possible return to this world.

Over the past thirty years, Rita Azevedo Gomes (1952, Portugal) has worked in a variety of cinema, theatre and artistic projects. Originally educated in painting and sculpting, she started her career in film as an assistant production designer. Since 1990, she works as film director and screenwriter. She has made several short and feature films, which were shown at film festivals all over the world.



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