1971-1980DramaSergei SolovyovUSSR

Sergei Solovyov – Stantsionnyy smotritel AKA The Postmaster (1972)


In May, 1816 narrator passes through a small station. At the station, Dunia, Beauty daughter of the superintendent, serves tea. On the walls of the room hang pictures of the story of the prodigal son. The narrator and the superintendent and his daughter together, drink tea, before leaving the stranger kisses Dunya in the hall (with her consent). A few years later, the narrator again falls on the same station. The superintendent is very old. When asked about his daughter, he does not respond, but after a glass of punch is talkative. He says that 3 years ago, a young hussar (Captain Minsky) spent several days at the station, pretending to be sick and bribing a doctor. Dunya nursed. Recovering, the captain is going on the road, called a lift Dunya to the church and drives her away. Having lost a daughter, aged father becomes ill from grief.



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