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Jean-Paul Civeyrac – La Vie Selon Luc AKA Life According To Luc (1991)


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Few of the characteristics that can be associated with Jean Paul Civyrac can be seen in his first film, a 14 minute short feature. Inevitably, considering its short length, the film is necessarily very much a character study, since there is little room to develop much in the way of a plot. Luc (Jean Descanvelle) is a young man who is determined to do things his own way and consequently conflicts with everyone he meets. He doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, isn’t interested in any advice they might have to give and is not interested in assistance from friends or family. He is going to do things his way, and do whatever it takes to make money, which is mainly performing sexual favours for any man who is willing to pay for it.

The film suffers a little from being compressed down into 14 minutes and the dialogue is often over-expository and over-dramatised, with little in the way of light and shade. The film moves relentlessly from one scene of conflict to another, Luc confrontationally rubbing up against strangers, friends and family alike, even making love angrily. Quite what he is so angry about and just why he needs the money he is so determined to obtain and methodically place into a tin box isn’t exactly clear. There is a suggestion that he might be wishing to escape from the drab banlieue suburban area he lives in – but this is not specified and neither does it really need to be. While the one-note tone of the film and the lack of a conventional purpose might make it seems inconsequential, it actually comes across as all the more sharp, intense and, inevitably, confrontational.

The Transfer – There are quite a few marks on an old looking print – possibly 16mm – which is presented non-anamorphically at 1.85:1. It’s also quite dark, using quite a lot of low lighting, and filmed in rather drab colours, but there are no major problems with either the print or the transfer. The audio, presented in Dolby Digital 1.0 mono, is relatively clear. Optional English subtitles are included.


Subtitles:English (.srt)

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