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Michael Ritchie – Prime Cut (1972)


Michael Ritchie, better known for his gentle satires of American social institutions, enters Don Siegel territory in the unusual crime thriller Prime Cut. Lee Marvin is surly collection agent Nick Devlin, who is hired by Chicago racketeer Jake (Eddie Egan) to collect an overdue payment from Kansas cattle baron Mary Ann (yes, Mary Ann!) (Gene Hackman). When Devlin travels west to get Jake’s money from Mary Ann, he finds the cattle king mixed up in complex drug deals and pimping wild women — two of which are Poppy and Violet (Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin — both in their film debuts). ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Let me sing about a goddamn nutty crime film from 1972 called Prime Cut. My impulse with all of these great old ’70s crime films is to start by saying: “This couldn’t get made today.” And it’s almost always true. Certainly they’d never be made as they are. But this one. Let me say definitively that there’s no goddamn way in hell this movie could get made today. It’s part gangster film, part Midwestern redneck exploitation film, part slippery soft-core film, and part art-house weirdo-fest. It’s a film that feels like it’s parodying a lot of things, but it also takes itself seriously-as-fuck and that’s the genius of it. It’s offensive with a loose plot barely stitched together. It’s hard-boiled camp. But in your darkest (or maybe not so darkest) heart, it’s the movie you’ve always wanted to see. – William Boyle, Dope and Flesh: Prime Cut


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