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William Dieterle – The Devil And Daniel Webster aka All That Money Can Buy [+Extras] (1941)

Jabez Stone is a hard-working farmer trying to make an honest living, but a streak of bad luck tempts him to do the unthinkable: bargain with the Devil himself. For seven years of good fortune, Stone promises “Mr. Scratch” his soul when the contract ends. When the troubled farmer begins to realize the error of his choice, he enlists the aid of the one man who might save him: the legendary orator and politician Daniel Webster. Directed with stylish flair by William Dieterle, The Devil and Daniel Webster brings the classic short story by Stephen Vincent Benét to life with inspired visuals, an unforgettable Oscar-winning score by Bernard Herrmann, and a truly diabolical performance from Walter Huston.

– The Devil And Daniel Webster – Here Is A Man Cut Comparison AVI
– Stephen Vincent Benet’s The Devil And Daniel Webster Read By Alec Baldwin MP3
– The Devil And Daniel Webster Recorded By The Colombia Workshop Aug 6, 1938 MP3
– Daniel Webster And The Sea Serpent Recorded By The Colombia Workshop Aug 1, 1937 MP3

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