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Shûji Terayama – Isoppu Monogatari AKA Aesop’s Fables (1973)

Oh man, this is a gem. Highly recommended if you dig Tenjosajiki/Terayama’s musical numbers. For starters, take a peek at this lineup:

Lyrics composed by Terayama Shuji
Music composed by J.A. Seazer, Panta, Fukamachi Jun…
Performed by Zunou Keisatsu (Brain Police, far left political rock band, Les Rallizes Denudes’ Hiroshi Nar was a member at one time), Tanaka Seiji

Terayama Shuji’s slightly…dark? interpretations of the fables, mixed with the absolutely wonderful composition and experimental, theatrical vocals/instrumentation…it’s a surreal journey.

1. 骨つき肉のはなし
2. いじわる猫
3. 悪口唄
4. とべなかったカメ
5. 猫が来た
6. 月夜のイタチ
7. 大きな豚と小さな豚
8. 川に溺れた子ヒツジ
9. キツネ火事
10. アリとキリギリス

01 Prologue, The Story of Meat.mp3 4MB
02 The Nasty Cat.mp3 9MB
03 Singing Smack.mp3 5MB
04 The Turtle That Couldn’t Fly.mp3 7MB
05 The Cat’s Coming.mp3 6MB
06 Weasel on a Moonlit Night.mp3 8MB
07 The Large Pig and The Small Pig.mp3 8MB
08 Lamb That Drowned in the River.mp3 5MB
09 Foxfire.mp3 7MB
10 And and a Grasshopper.mp3 7MB
11 Untitled.mp3 9MB
12 Untitled.mp3 4MB


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  1. Real tracklist:

    01 – Prologue
    02 – Honetsuki Niku No Hanashi
    03 – Ijiwaru Neko
    04 – Waruguchi Uta
    05 – Tobenakatta Kame
    06 – Neko Ga Kita
    07 – Tsukiyo No Itachi
    08 – Oukina Buta To Chiisana Buta
    09 – Kawa Ni Oboreta Ko Hitsuji
    10 – Kitsune Kaji
    11 – Arito Kirigirisu
    12 – Epilogue

    This is from vinyl ”Terayama Shuji Aesop Monogatari” (1973), and not from reissue CD (2007).

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