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Wojciech Has – Osobisty pamietnik grzesznika przez niego samego spisany AKA Memoirs Of A Sinner (1986)

In the 18th century, a recently deceased young man is exhumed by a gravedigger, suddenly revives, and then launches into the story of his highly eventful life. Brought up in a puritanical household, Robert is seduced by a mysterious stranger into killing his wine-, woman- and song-loving brother. What follows is a descent into a hallucinatory hell, where reality and illusion merge, as Robert’s evil doppelganger sins with terrible abandon–and Robert stands accused.

In “Osobistym pamiętnik grzesznika przez niego samego spisanym” / “The Sinner’s Personal Diary Written by Himself” Has refers directly to the aesthetics of Romanticism that are so important to him. He adapted a novel by a nineteenth-century Scottish writer, in which an atmosphere of terror is combined with historical and religious contexts. It is a story about the son of a Presbyterian minister whose corpse comes to life and tells the story of his earthly life. The titular sinner recalls how he was forced to face his destiny by committing successive murders and thus learning the essence of evil.

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