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Takashi Miike – Kaze ni tatsu raion AKA The Lion Standing in the Wind (2015)


Jack-of-all-trades director Miike Takashi takes on more serious material in the human drama The Lion Standing in the Wind about the experiences of a Japanese doctor in Africa. Featuring location shooting in Kenya, the film is based on Sada Masashi’s novel and song Kaze ni Tatsu Lion, which were inspired by the true story of a Japanese doctor who operated a mobile clinic in the African nation.

Osawa Takao stars as Dr. Shimada Koichiro who arrives in Kenya in 1987 to work at his university hospital’s research facility. The idealistic doctor is soon dispatched to another facility that mainly provides emergency medical care to locals and soldiers who have been injured in civil warfare. There, he comes upon the shocking reality of wounded child soldiers who are carrying war scars and traumas beyond their age. All that Shimada sees and encounters would forever change the course of his life and work.


Language(s):Japanese, English

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