Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin – Tout va bien AKA Everything’s All Right [+extras] (1972)

The film centers on a strike at a sausage factory which is witnessed by an American reporter and her French husband, who is a director of TV commercials. The film has a strong political message which outlines the logic of the class struggle in France in the wake of the May 1968 civil unrest. It also examines the social destruction caused by capitalism. The performers in Tout va bien employ the Brechtian technique of distancing themselves from the audience. By delivering an opaque performance, the actors draw the audience away from the film’s diegesis and towards broader inferences about the film’s meaning.

The factory set consists of a cross-sectioned building and allows the camera to dolly back and forth from room to room, theoretically through the walls. Another self-reflexive technique, this particular set was used because it forces the audience to remember that they are witnessing a film, breaking the fourth wall in a literal sense. This type of staging was appropriated from Jerry Lewis’s film The Ladies Man. Godard and Gorin use other self-reflexive techniques in Tout va bien such as direct camera address, long takes, and abandonment of the continuity editing system.

Extras included:
1. Interview – Jean-Luc Godard (1972)
— This rather strange interview shows us JLG, unshaven and in a bath robe talking about Tout Va Bien and the intentions they had with it. Although it’s only 7 minutes, Godard gives us a great deal of information about his ideas on film and the relationship between the workers and filmmakers……very interesting.
2. Interview – Jean-Pierre Gorin (2004)
— In 27 minutes Jean-Pierre Gorin talks about his collaboration with Godard, what the intentions of the Dziga Vertov group were (to make films politcally, not to make political films), how they worked and how their joint-venture ended. Of course it deals specifically with the making of Tout va Bien and Letter to Jane. It is a nice start for my biggest release ever.

3.67GB | 1h 35m | 956×576 | mkv


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