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Max Nosseck – Dillinger (1945)


Willie Sutton robbed banks during the Depression because, he explained, “That’s where the money is.” Former Indiana farmboy John Dillinger also knew where the money was. And his string of early-1930s heists, murders and daring jailbreaks were so bold and notorious he became Public Enemy #1. Dillinger, Oscar-nominated* for its screenplay, is the bullet-paced story of the man whose crimes captivated and terrified the nation. Lawrence Tierney plays the title role, breaking free of screen anonymity and moving into a 50-year tough-guy career that would include 1947’s Born to Kill and 1992’s Reservoir Dogs. Perhaps it was a brutal early prison stretch that turned Dillinger from kid to killer. Perhaps he was a murderous thug to his core. Either way, Dillinger presents his story with Film noir style and lets you decide.

— dvdbeaver


Dubbed ‘the first conceptual gangster epic’, this unmoralistic, detached portrayal of Public Enemy Number One is a fine example of a sensational story, cheaply produced with stock footage, that gets away with artistic murder. Tierney is the glum psychopath, a skilled professional hitting the headlines with his dubious talent. Unemotional and rough at the edges, it’s a sobering inventory of a fabulous myth.

— DMacp (TimeOut)


Subtitles:English (muxed & srt)

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