João Nuno Pinto – América (2010)


America a tragic story told in a burlesque and ironic way, within a love triangle. Liza, a beautiful young Russian woman, is married to Victor, a small-time crook who lives on scheming and swindling, born and bred in Portugal. Fernanda, the ex wife, who ten year’s passed decides to drop by, is the gang leader, an Andalusian Spaniard. Victor has to decide which women to follow, Liza cannot really leave him, Fernanda doesn’t really want to stay. The six year old kid hangs everybody by a string. Eastern European newcomers give new business perspectives that are going to rock their small world by the beach: Cova do Vapor. A chaotic neighborhood of precarious housing located at Lisbon’s gates, where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic, where fishermen and retired factory workers coexist. An obscure little place, where everything suddenly changes, even the weather. After a violent storm, the gangster’s house gets a rusted fishing boat hanging on top of their home. In the midst of the tragedy, there’s always room for love, and most of all, hope for a piece paper called passport, sometimes fake!


Portuguese, born in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, 1969.

With a consolidated international career in the world of advertising, João Nuno recently risk everything and launch-at the cinema and his first feature filme, “America”, was very well received in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, selected by several film festivals where it won a number of prizes.

João Nuno began his professional career as Art Director at Abrinício, a local publicity agency within the J.W. Thompson Group, where he became Creative Director at 25, having designed and developed various internationally prize-winning publicity campaigns.

At 28, he left the world of agencies and travelled to New York where he trained as a film director at the New York Film Academy. Between 2002 and 2007, he directed several film-related workshops, including Judith Weston’s Acting Techniques for Directors at The International Film & Television Workshops, Maine, USA, Robert Mckee’s Story Seminar in Pamplona, Spain, and Script Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques at the Judith Weston Acting Studio in Los Angeles.

He started his directing career at Tangerina Azul, a publicity film producer in Lisbon where, during the 7 years that he worked there, he made various video clips and countless publicity spots that won international prizes at festivals such as the London International Advertising and Design Awards, the London Epica Awards, the El Ojo de Ibero America and the New York Film Festival of Television and Cinema Advertising.

In 2005, together with two associates, he founded Garage Produção e Realização de Audiovisuais, based in Lisbon, regarded for several years as the Best Image Producer in Portugal by the prestigious magazine Meios & Publicidade.

In January 2008, he directed Skype Me, a short 20 fiction film with Gonçalo Waddington, addressing the theme of love and absence through a relationship that develops through Skype.

In 2010, he premiered the film America, his first long feature fiction film, an ironic look at contemporary Portugal through the eyes of illegal immigration, based on Luísa Costa Gomes short story The Creation of the World.

America was a Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian and Russian co-production and was supported by the ICA, as well as by the Ibermedia and Fundo Luso-Brasileiro film support programmes.

The film had its world premiere at the Rio Festival and was selected by several film festivals where it won a number of prizes.

It was commercially exhibited in cinemas in Portugal, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Malaga, Valladolid, Valencia) and Brazil.

Subtitles:Portuguese, English, Spanish

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