Serif Gören & Yilmaz Güney – Endise AKA Anxiety (1974)


This is the story of Cevher and his family, who all work in cotton fields in late seventies in Turkey. Cevher has to pay blood money to save his life. He even considers getting his daughter married to a rich and old guy. And on the cotton fields, they have to compete with machines, which are preferred to human workers. Eventually, workers unite and go on strike.

When it comes to Marxist filmmaking, few is more a political and critical of society as Guney. Endise is a personal Communist Manifesto from Guney; a film critical of capitalism, feudal system, religions, landlords, media propaganda, personal greed and ambitions, corporations, unions, and it manages to put all that on the screen within a very short time. Lets us not forget the personal side of it, Guney grow up as a child among the Kurdish nomads and landlords, his first knowledge of cinema was the little nickelodeon machine that is shown repeatedly in the film, as the operator selling them the dream of Hollywood stardom, and Guney uses montage brilliantly to comment on the difference. It is a raw film, and it was shot while Guney was in prison by Serif Goren, the film is edited buy Guney, and it is the Soviet Montage that is ever present in the film, a gaze, another gaze, the film is about gaze, it manages to cross the emotional to us by the use of collisions and construction of the image, it could had been a silent film. Guney was a genius of a one-man-show, his talent is amazing just to think of how much he managed to achieve in such a short time. Endise is a film that in the outside seems to tackle a universal issue of capitalism and class struggle, but underneath it is a film about fear and anxiety in the heart of a man, that is what made Guney’s film so powerful, he manages to tackle universal issue through the eye of an ordinary character. A masterpiece

— Karzan Kardozi (The Moving Silent)–_Yilmaz_Guney%2C_Serif_Goren.mkv–


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