1971-1980DramaItalyMarco Ferreri

Marco Ferreri – L’udienza aka The Audience (1972) (HD)


Amedeo (E. Jannacci), a mild officer on leave, comes to Rome from a town in the North to speak eye to eye with the Pope, “also in his interest.” He tries unsuccessfully for months until one night, sick with pneumonia, dies in front of a papal building.
Kafka (The Castle) is there, but somewhat far.

Everything is realistic and tied to a specific reality, there is nothing metaphorical in this film, written by Ferreri with Rafael Azcona and Dante Matelli, which, yet, is one big metaphor, readable at 3 levels:
1) political: on the power;
2) religious: the “scandal” is doubled, since for a believer the Pope is not just any potent, but a brother and a father, a representative of Christ on Earth;
3) psychoanalytic: a painstaking and tormented search for the father.

Tender and cruel, gleefully mocking in tone and bitter in the end, far from being pessimistic, it has the trajectory of a stone throw. It has some lags and uncertain times, but they don’t undermine the substance of an important and underrated film.


Subtitles: Italian; English & French custom

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